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Our Mission
We all want well-grown foods that are safe and wholesome and make us feel good about eating them. And we want to have access to the choices we count on at the prices that work for us.

But while everyone has their own tastes and beliefs about the food they serve their families, did you know that there are a growing number of activists and organizations campaigning to limit choices on the supermarket shelves based on personal beliefs about how food is grown and produced? (And surprisingly, some of their opinions are reaching the ears of those that make changes.)

The result? Less of what you want and fewer price alternatives. And it’s happening right now.

Choose2Choose is the website that provides the latest information on what’s at risk and balanced information on today’s farming methods and consumer food questions, so you can choose what’s best for you and your family and help keep your choices, yours.

About Us
Choose2Choose is a movement started by concerned mothers to help increase awareness of the importance of having food choices and its impact on hunger in America.

The website is supported by The Center for Food Integrity, a non-profit organization dedicated to building consumer trust and confidence in today’s food system.

What's At Risk?
When legislation passes that dictates how our food is grown and raised, the domino effect impacts our food choices, and our pocketbooks. It also decreased the number of family farms and increases the number of hungry Americans.

Overall, U.S. imports of agricultural and seafood products from all countries have increased by nearly 50 percent over the last decade. Food enters the U.S. through more than 300 ports and from over 150 countries. Keeping everything that might be harmful from entering is difficult enough due to the cost and limited personnel. What would happen if we had to depend on importing basic staples like meat, milk and eggs?

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How can you keep your food choices, yours? By understanding them, building awareness and protecting your food freedoms. If a growing number of activists dictate how your food grown/raised, take the time to learn both sides of the story. Talk to your local farmers, doctors and other experts. Because altering one method of food production may mean increasing your food costs, importing more foreign food and limiting your food choices. It may also mean that more families in your state go hungry without that choice.  

Join the food choice movement today and support the belief that all consumers should have access to the food they choose, even if others disagree with their choice.